What we do

Felixstowe and District Council for Sport and Recreation dates back to 1963 with its current main aims to:

  • Keep and review the area’s sporting, recreational and play needs and to encourage the development of facilities to meet these needs.
  • Encourage greater participation by all sections if the community but especially by younger and older people.
  • Liaise closely with Suffolk Coastal District Council and Felixstowe Town Council.
  • Recognise achievements by local sports players and club officials.
  • Provides small grants and interest free loans.

Who do we Represent?

We are the voice for sport, recreation and play in Felixstowe and district. Our Executive Committee is selected annually and meets five times a year working to implement the council’s aims. It includes Councillors from Felixstowe Town Council and Trimley St Mary Parish Council as well as a cross section of members from local clubs including, at present, cricket, rugby union. Hockey, swimming and soccer together with other members elected for their enthusiasm to advance sport, recreation and play in Felixstowe and District.